Friday, November 8, 2013

Organizing and Tracking Receipts

Have you been searching for a way to easily manage your paper receipts and documents with the easily trackable and convenient resources of cloud computing without scanning everything in? Wouldn’t you like having all your receipts organized and online (in the cloud) accessible from anywhere?  This would clean the paper clutter off your desk and out of your office completely. is an innovative website that allows you to photograph, email or mail your paper records and receipts to them where they store and organize them for you in your own personal space in the cloud, making cataloging and storage, as well as filing and recall, simple, economical and intuitive.

Utilizing Shoeboxed, you simply take a picture of your receipt, in the restaurant, at the gas station, anywhere, with an app for your iPad, your tablet or smart phone and submit it to the website and they will extract the necessary information to categorize all your expenses for you.  If you buy a lot of things online then simply forward your receipt in an email to your personal secure document storage server and they will extract the necessary information and your records will be updated.  For all of those invoices you get in the mail, you can either use their prepaid envelops to send them to your storage space or scan them in and mail them, the choice is yours.

Again, once Shoeboxed receives your receipt it automatically categorizes it for you so you can easily recall your documents at any time.  In addition, Shoeboxed is compatible with the most common accounting software, such as QuickBooks®, so you can download your already categorized receipts right into your accounting program.  Your own personal storage space has an intuitive easy to use interface where all of your organized receipts can reside.  In addition, Shoeboxed is accepted by the Internal Revenue Service.  If you’re ever audited you can submit the receipts that you saved online for your deduction on your tax return.  This is a great help for individuals who itemize as well as small businesses, who need to retain proof of every deduction.

If you ever need a copy you can download them in a variety of formats including  PDF, XLS or CSV.  This enables you to access and share your documents in whatever way you choose, from wherever you choose.  No more need to remember where you filed something or if you filed it. 

Shoeboxed is a professional, intuitive website designed to be accessible and friendly to use, and have customer support staff on call to assist with any questions or compliments you may have. Its website offers several videos to get you started. Shoeboxed is the only documents scanning and organization tool you will ever need. It is a reliable and easy to use solution to saving your needed tax documents.


Mike M. said...

Sounds like this software is similar to GruntWorx for scanning in common tax documents and having the data flow into tax prep software thru an excel spreadsheet (with macros). Sounds useful. -Mike M.

Gina L. Jones said...


The major difference is that Shoeboxed is forever free.

Apskaitos said...

Well I have not heard about such program/app before, it would be great to sort my recipes and get the real situation of my revenues.